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Dr. Kas Kalba

Raised in four countries, Kas Kalba developed an international bent early in life.  After graduating from the International School of Brussels, he returned to the U.S. for college (Yale) and graduate schools (Annenberg School for Communication and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, both at the University of Pennsylvania).  His "industry job" was as a staff member of the Sloan Commission on Cable Communications, after which he served as an editor of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action at Yale Law School and on graduate faculties at Harvard University and M.I.T.  More recently he has taught a seminar on Globalization and Communications at Yale.

Co-Founder Kalba International

Dr. Kalba co-founded Kalba International in the 1970s and has led the firm through several stages of development. After building the firm’s initial government policy and licensing practice, he went on to develop market research, commercial strategy and international practices, the latter of which he continues to nurture as the firm expands its activities to six continents and to a wider range of service offerings. Apart from organizational responsibilities his work has focused on market assessments, competitive strategy, licensing tenders and spectrum auctions, and regulatory and policy issues.  

Clients Include Companies, Investors and Governments

In the course of leading several hundred consulting and advisory engagements, Dr. Kalba has helped operators and investors win more than 50 operating licenses and spectrum allotments, enter numerous international markets, close $20 billion in investments and avoid non-productive ones, and contend with a range of regulatory issues. He has also helped governments develop sustainable policies and regulatory frameworks, manage effective tenders and procurements, creat Public-Private Partnerships and a universal service fund, and introduce effective ICT development strategies.

Innovation Adoption Research

On the research side Dr. Kalba has focused in recent years on factors that account for different levels of broadband and mobile penetration across countries and on changes in telecom sector leadership at the company and country levels. His adoption research has been published by Harvard University (see The Global Adoption and Diffusion of Mobile Phones) and Communications Strategy (IDATE, No. 91, 2013). He has also authored a series of case studies on the role of unexpected events in spectrum auctions and their impact on spectrum prices. Currently, he is analyzing the factors that affect mobile money adoption and use in Africa.