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Our earliest practice consisted of planning broadband networks for municipal governments in the United States.  We also developed strategies for operators to offer innovative broadband services and governments to enhance the TMT or ICT sectors of their economies.  We have now helped ten countries develop such plans at the national level and have evaluated the strategies of another ten.  Some sample cases follow.

Ultra-Fast Broadband Strategy & Options

In this intensive consultancy for a government in the Middle East (won in a competition of 18 firms), we assessed the value of ultra-broadband access to the economy and population as well as examined several technology and implementation options.  The technologies included two forms of FTTx and mobile broadband and WiMax, which were costed and compared in terms of short- and mid-term benefits and returns.

Strategy for a Digital Economy

Working for the World Bank and the Ministry of Digital Economy of Senegal, we formulated a national strategy framework for actively positioning the country towards the emerging digital economy.  Unusually Senegal already has more than 10% of its GDP in the digital sector (primarily due to a single company) and is seeking to amplify and diversify its digital profile.  With the help of detailed analyses of its e-readiness across private and public sectors, and consultations with stakeholders, we prepared a multi-phase strategy and action plan, which is being implemented.

Undersea and Multi-Country Broadband

Beginning with an engagement with the government of Puerto Rico to secure its involvement (and access point) in an undersea cable system in the Caribbean, which called for negotiation with the Department of Defense and FCC, we have accumulated experience in the demand for, tendering of, and terrestrial interconnection with undersea cable systems.  This experience has spanned trans-Atlantic, -Pacific and –Caribbean cables as well as coastal ones in Africa.

Case Studies for Scotland’s Digital Vision

We were asked to prepare detailed but succinct case studies of national broadband strategies, including those of Australia, Ireland, Korea, Lithuania, Singapore and Sweden, looking at economic, political, technological, regulatory and other differences.  The conclusions included lessons that could be drawn for the Government of Scotland’s consideration in forming its Digital Vision and Strategy.

Broadband Strategy or ICT Strategy?

This internal assessment looked at countries that had adopted broadband and ICT plans—or strategies—to determine whether it made a difference what they were called and how broadly they were formulated.  It turned out that how long the plan or strategy was in place was a key factor, although this differed depending on whether the cases were from developing countries or developed ones.   About 40 countries were examined.

Other Broadband Consultancies

We have also developed or assessed broadband plans and ICT sector strategies in Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Costa Rica, Georgia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco and Trinidad and Tobago as well as cable TV strategies and policy frameworks in the Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Poland.  At the local level we have formulated broadband approaches in several U.S. cities and in Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

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