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Kalba International has advised on more than $35 billion of transaction-related cases, including M&A, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), spectrum auctions, and procurements.  The individual transactions have been in the range of $10 million to $10 billion.  Some cases follow.

Malawi Public Private Partnership

We helped structure and implement the tender for a fiber backbone and data center PPP in Malawi, serving as the government’s Transaction Advisor.  This included designing a reverse auction scoring approach, attracting private bidders from Africa, Asia and North America, evaluating the bids, and developing a monitoring framework. 

The PPP’s operator, SimbaNet, has recently received the terrestrial Best Fiber Project Global Carrier Award.

Valuation of Mobile Operator

Serving as industry experts, we helped a large financial consultancy perform the valuation and due diligence of a large mobile operator in MENA as part of a dispute settlement process.  In the process we addressed a range of capex, opex and spectrum issues, including the deployment of next-generation technology.

Undersea Cable Landing Station

Working with a law firm, we helped structure a Public Private Partnership and prepared associated business analysis and projections.  The purpose of the PPP was to convert the ownership and operation of an undersea cable landing station from the government to a consortium of operators, with the government retaining a minority share.

Fixed-Mobile Due Diligence

This project in Asia involved an intensive M&A-based due diligence review of a fixed-mobile operator, including its technical operations, access to international IP, disaster preparedness, and readiness to absorb customer and traffic growth.   It also entailed commercial and regulatory reviews in a very dynamic market situation, with two recent new entrants and a changing regulatory framework.

EU Competition Authority Approvals

We provided a hedge fund with assessments of two proposed mobile mergers (Germany and Ireland)—specifically, whether approval by the EU Competition Authority could be expected and the conditions that were likely to be imposed.  Our basis included the Authority’s track record as well as changing policies with respect to industry structure and investment.

Network Deployment Review

On behalf of a prospective financial investor we conducted a due diligence review of a 640,000 line telephone infrastructure project in Southeast Asia.  The client proceeded with the investment on a joint venture basis with a telecom operator and benefited from the rapidly growing telecommunications market in the target country.

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