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We have completed spectrum and licensing cases for operators and governments in Africa and the Middle East (7 countries), the Americas (5 countries), Asia and Pacific (9 countries), and Europe (7 countries).  The cases, some of which follow below, involved auction bidder training and advising; analysis of spectrum allocation options, winning auction prices and spectrum fee-setting methods; frameworks for reverse auctions, and evaluation of license bids. 

We also bring experience in spectrum management functions and licensing terms and conditions.

Combinatorial Clock Auction 2500 Band

In this recent auction in Canada we advised a bidder during the live auction when limited information was available between rounds on the 300+ regional lots being auctioned other than the level of demand for paired (FDD) and unpaired (TDD) blocks.  The client, one of ten bidders, acquired spectrum in all its key regions at the lowest or near-lowest prices. 

Prior to the live auction we assisted with analysis of the competing bidders, their objectives, financial/strategic positions and bidding patterns in prior auctions as well as provided a valuation of the spectrum using alternative approaches.

Spectrum Auction Training and Support

We have trained auction bidding teams using mock auctions, provided auction related valuations and business models, and advised auction bidders during the course of auctions across Asia, Europe and the Americas.  In all cases our clients were successful, winning the sole spectrum lot in Brazil (10 bidders) and Israel (3 bidders) and at the lowest or lower than average prices where multiple spectrum lots were awarded (Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan, Thailand).

Impact of Increased Spectrum Fees

For a major incumbent mobile operator we prepared an assessment of a government proposal to dramatically increase annual spectrum fees, demonstrating that the operators impacted by the proposal were already paying among the highest fees across OECD countries as well as demonstrating the shortcomings of the methodologies being considered for assessing the new fees.  The government has withdrawn the proposal.

Seminar on Disruptive Auction Events

We have provided a seminar in unexpected events that can disrupt auctions and which are not generally covered by most game theory approaches.  As such events occur frequently, they prepare auction bidders or managers for unanticipated developments and offer takeaways on how to deal with these situations.

The case studies we present include unanticipated withdrawals of bidders, security breaches, serial bidding (where a bid is placed to scare off competitors from a future auction), and government and market announcements affecting the value of auction bids.  All the cases are drawn from auctions on which we have worked or from case studies we have prepared.

Advising of Spectrum Authorities

We have assisted government agencies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as the European Commission on a wide range of spectrum allocation and assignment functions, including the setting of spectrum use standards, spectrum valuation, reverse auction frameworks, and the benchmarking of auction prices and spectrum fees. 

We have assessed and participated at WRC spectrum conferences organized by the International Telecommunications Union.

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