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Each of the firm’s senior advisors adds two decades or more of multi-country telecommunications and ICT sector experience to the group. This experience is drawn upon in the advice we provide our clients, with senior advisors often leading or reviewing the preparation of key deliverables.

Hon. David Butcher, Senior Advisor, is the former Minister of Commerce and former Post Master of New Zealand, where he was responsible for restructuring the telecom and postal sectors. He has recently advised the governments of Bhutan, Cambodia, Mongolia and Mynamar.

Mike Connolly, Senior Advisor, is the former Director General, Spectrum Management Operations at Industry Canada, where he was the driving force in establishing the spectrum auction program. His expertise includes spectrum property rights, licence fees and innovative regulatory approaches.

Harry Elhart, Senior Advisor, has led AT&T’s public affairs activities at the European Union and served as vice president of a telecommunications startup in the Netherlands. Educated at the University of Stuttgart and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, his experience includes securing telecommunications operating licenses in 15 European countries.

Dr. Karla Hoffman, Senior Auction Consultant, is Professor of Systems Engineering and Operations at George Mason University.  She specializes in combinatorial optimization and has advised the FCC and other entities on the organization and implementation of spectrum auctions.

Frank Robert, Managing Director, Managing Director, has led numerous broadband deployment, operational strategy and due diligence cases for clients in Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Sweden.  He has also served as Shadow CEO of an incumbent telecommunications operator in Southeast Asia in preparation for its privatization.

Dr. Nancy L. Ruther, Senior Consultant, is a specialist in higher education, including smart use of education technologies. She has held senior administrative and faculty positions at Yale University and the University of Connecticut, and has worked in Bolivia and other developing countries.

Dr. Christelle Scharff, Senior Consultant, is Department Chair and Professor of Computer Science at Pace University in New York City and the founder of its Mobility Lab, which has helped launch related software and mobile apps projects in Cambodia, India, Senegal, Tanzania and Thailand. She is also the founder of the MobileSenegal Hub.

Dr. Richard Steinberg,  Senior Advisor, is a Professor at the London School of Economics. He is the editor (together with Peter Cramton and Yoav Shoham) of the book Combinatorial Auctions and has advised the FCC and UK Department of Energy on auction design.

Macy Summers, Senior Advisor, is a former CTO with senior management experience at Lockheed Martin, Pegasus Communications, Electromagnetic Sciences and Scientific-Atlanta including R&D, technology incubation, satellite business development, and investment partnering responsibilities. He has worked in Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa and other countries.

Avi Teitelman, Managing Consultant, has served as president of a TMT investment company, evaluating and managing a wide range of wireless and broadband ventures in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East. He has recently managed assignments in Malawi (fiber backbone planning), Solomon Islands (mobile lecensing), Tanzania (rural service extension), and Timor-Leste (unified licensing). He also brings extensive experience as a telecommunications regulator. 

Dr. John Ure, Senior Advisor, serves as Professor of Economics at Hong Kong University and is an authority on the ICT policies of Asian countries, including China.  He advised OFTA on Hong Kong’s innovative revenue-based spectrum fee framework and has conducted a spectrum pricing policy review for the MCMC in Malaysia.

Martin Venzky-Stalling, Senior Advisor, is a specialist in smart cities and science and technology parks.  He has previously served as Senior Vice President at PCCW International and as Director of International Consulting at Ovum.  His emerging markets experience includes China, Thailand and Vietnam.