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We have assisted mobile, fixed and satellite operators and technology providers on technology, operations and marketing issues across more than 50 countries on six continents.  In the process, we have combined analytical methods, broad international experience, and understanding of operator contexts in devising sound recommendations and solutions. 

Our consulting team includes individuals who have held management positions with operators in Belgium (for EU), Chile, Ecuador, France, Germany, Japan, Kenya, Malawi, Myanmar, Peru, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, UAE, the UK and the U.S. as well as at GSMA.  Some of our consulting cases follow.

Red Teaming of Mobile Expansion Plan

Our client on this recent project is a well-established cable TV operator with access to several spectrum blocks seeking to add mobile to their service offerings.  We performed a “red team” review of the network plan for adding mobile technology and also addressed the availability of handsets for the particular spectrum that is to be used.  The technical review included examining how existing cable network assets could be used or adapted as part of the mobile deployment.

Financial and Operating Cases

Our consultants have performed financial and operational reviews of wireless operators in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America as senior executives of the operators or as consultants.  These reviews have included asset and company valuations for M&A and licensing, preparation of business plans with NPV (including for a shared tower venture), operations benchmarking of comparable operators, and monthly and quarterly financial and operational reviews for management decision-making.  The operations involved have included 16 African markets, five European ones, five in Latin America as well as cases in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and UAE. 

Network Plans and Deployments

Our consultants have been responsible for the design and deployment of wireless networks and related technical planning work in Australia, Bahrain, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and USA.  The projects have included full network design and deployment as well as core network upgrades, traffic dimensioning, preparation of technical RFPs, vendor management, network testing, and technical due diligence.

We have also held consulting positions with technology providers, including Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia.

Marketing Audit with Recommendations

For an operator in Eastern Europe we audited the marketing function, including marketing aimed at consumers at large as well as business and government customers.  The audit included a review of the main marketing activities, from branding to customer service, and of associated budgets and expenditures.

Our recommendations were aimed at both general marketing improvements and at preparing the operator (dominant in the market) for increased competition.

International Diversification Options

For an internationally diversifying business services provider we evaluated 250+ metropolitan markets and ranked the top 100 prospects for market entry.  This was based on an analysis of macroeconomic factors, telecommunications competition and regulation, commercial building stock, foreign ownership considerations, and other key criteria. 

Our independent assessment gave the client a resource to arbitrate the competing expansion requests of internal development groups responsible for different international regions.