Advisors Without Borders - 2 

Welcoming our new senior consultants from San Diego to Dubai to Sydney 

We continue to expand our consulting network, adding 15 new advisors and consultants during the past year (located at the red stars, with the black dots at existing consultant locations). Based on five continents, they have enhanced our specialty practices and regional/country qualifications.

Luis Bonifaz served as General Manager of Peru's Telecommunications Investment Fund (FITEL) and manager at OSIPTEL, the regulator, and has managed two alternative energy projects from the permitting stage to their $300 million financial closings.

Dr. Lisa George is an Associate Professor at City University of New York, specializing in ownership concentration and electronic/social media, who has served as expert witness before the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board and holds a Ph.D. from the Wharton School.

Saed Guled is a technical and operations consultant who has helped several undersea and terrestrial operators in East Africa as CIO and in other roles, including at DARE, G2A (Gulf to Africa), Golis, Hormuud and Telesom. 

Michael Kleeman has served as Chairman of the Board (2010-18) of SEACOM, a submarine cable system, and as Partner and VP at Boston Consulting Group, where his clients included Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, FLAG, Ericsson and Global Crossing.

Peter Lange has advised on the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway and other technology, development and market cases across 70 countries, including Angola, Australia, China, Ethiopia, Germany, Kenya, Oman, South Korea and UAE.

Dr. Grace LeungLecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, specializes in policy, regulation and content aspects of broadcasting and media, with case experience in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Didier Mahillon is a senior finance executive with M&A, financial management and strategy experience as CFO  and in other roles at Green Networks (9 African countries), Etisalat (18 countries), Wataniya (now QTel) and Millicom.

Gerardo Marti brings his experience as Managing Director of CTC Celular, Chile’s largest mobile operator, and VP of Multimedia Services and Board Member at parent company CTC as well as acquisition and network deployment cases in Argentina and Colombia.

Bob McQueen is an expert in Intelligent Transport Systems and connected vehicles, including related cloud architecture and data analytics, with experience from Benghazi, Chicago, Las Vegas, Moscow, Paris, San Diego, Seoul, Tel Aviv and other cities.

Patrick Mukoya adds his international and cross-border taxation, tax structuring and modeling, and transfer pricing experience in 12 countries on behalf of Airtel Networks, Huawei, KPMG, Kenya National Fiber Optic Backbone, PwC, and TEAMS.

Miguel Nascimento is an experienced accountant in the telecom, IT and CRM sectors, including as Financial Director at NeppoTechnologia da Informacao and NetSupport in Brazil and as advisor to Algar Telecom.

Dr. Viet Nguyen has served as Chief International Official at Viettel Group and previously as Section Head at Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Lancaster University in the UK.

Omar Radaideh until recently was Senior Officer, Regulatory and Licensing, at TRA in the UAE, where he addressed regulatory issues from interconnection disputes and spectrum assignment to authorization of submarine cables and IoT systems.

Darren Wright has consulted on management and sales to Algar Telecom, Americel (now Claro), Telstra, Vesper and, most recently, Yahsat, assisting in the commercial launch of its satellite broadband operations in Brazil.

Ken Zita adds consulting experience in digital infrastructure and services, IoT, smart cities, cybersecurity and Public Private Partnerships in 50 countries as well as technology-related engagements at AT&T, GE, IBM and Toyota.

We have also recently added associates with backgrounds in network rollout, digital planning, social aspects of Internet use, and other fields.

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