Regions Served > Africa and Middle East

Kalba International and its consultants have work experience in all but a few of the more than 70 countries in this large, multi-faceted region. The region represents the firm’s fastest growing market with recent engagements on broadband backbones, Public Private Partner-ships,  operator valuations, mobile money, Internet usage projects, spectrum allocation and national strategies for digital development.

Our clients, employers and sponsors have included mobile operators, regulators, and professional services firms as well as Ministries Digital Economy, Finance and Information and Communication as well as a Public Private Partnership Commission, an Agency for Good Governance, an International Development Agency and the World Bank.  We have also worked with two of the region’s largest mobile operators, a satellite operator, two regulators, and a universal service fund.

Examples of the consulting, advisory and operational roles we have played recently in Africa and the Middle East include:

  • Transaction Advisor to promote, tender, negotiate and monitor a World Bank-supported fiber backbone and international gateway Public-Private Partnership
  • Advisors on several operator valuations (mobile, cable TV),  taking into account competition, new technology and services, and financial positions
  • Development of strategy for near-universal deployment of ultra-fast broadband to households and businesses in a Gulf State
  • Forensic project on the factors accounting for the gap between the large number of registrants and the few active users of mobile money services in several African countries, using survey research, focus groups, Mystery Shopping and data analytics on more than a million customer files
  • Drafting of a national strategy for transitioning a West African country to the digital economy
  • Principal Consultant on establishment of Universal Communications Access Fund in Tanzania, including Fund strategy, organizational and HR plan, assessment of rural demand, and preparation of tender for reverse auction subsidies for rural mobile coverage ventures
  • Assessment of mobile backbone and wholesale models in Kenya, Malawi and Rwanda
  • Financial Advisor on privatization of a cable landing station and international gateway
  • Market studies for satellite operator diversification

Our consultants have evaluated numerous other investments and transactions, performed operational and financial reviews of mobile operators in 16 countries in the region, designed and monitored fiber network deployments in several countries, and served as CEO of a mobile operator and a telecom investment group.  More than 15 are fluent in French with others offering fluency in Arabic, Portuguese, Swahili and other languages.